Getting Traffic - The Page Rank Formula

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Page rank is a complicated system based on numbers or algorithms.
The object of page rank for the search engines is to list sites in order of relevancy and importance, while the object of the website is to get listed as high as possible.
Seems simple enough; in order to please the search engines and get high ranking become important and relevant.
  Estimates are that over 175 criteria are used in the formula to rank web pages.
Search engines record content and keywords on the page and examine the links on the page.
They then compile this data with relevant information know about the site, weigh all the incoming links to the site, and create a score.
The better a page score the higher page rank it will receive.
  Quantity of the web page is considered with the page rankings and quality of the sites that link to the page.
If only lower ranking sites or questionable sites are linking to the page then little or no benefit is gained.
   All this is done behind the scenes with calculations happening with mind boggling speed that would take humans years to perform.
Here is the good news:  You do not need to know the formula - only how the formula works to put this to work for you.
  Place high quality content on your website.
Get high quality sites to link to your site.
  Each page on your site should link to your home page.
  Place links to your main sub-pages as well.
All this counts and will increase the number of links to your site.

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