Who"s Wearing Wristbands and Why Are They Wearing Them?

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To answer the question 'Who's Wearing Wristbands?' perhaps it should be rephrased as "Who's Wearing Wristbands and Why Are They Wearing Them?" Many celebrities have been photographed wearing wristbands to show support for favorite charities or to show their support for troops in various military operations around the world.
Many people are not aware there are other reasons for wearing wristbands For athletes wearing wristbands prevents perspiration from interfering with their grip on sports equipment such as rackets and bats.
Since most wristbands used by athletes are made of terry cloth, the absorption factor comes in handy for wiping the eyes, face and hands.
Many musicians find wearing wristbands aids and enhances their performance.
For example, string bass players wear a wristband to prevent abrasions caused by the arm resting on the back of the instrument.
Some rock musicians have been known to wear special wristbands as an identity statement.
Some athletes wear a power balance wristband because it is supposed to react with the body's energy field.
These wristbands are believed to stem from old Eastern and/or Oriental beliefs and practices.
The power balance wristbands contain a Mylan hologram.
Power balance wristbands are worn by athletes in many sports fields especially boxing and wrestling.
Wristbands are often worn to respect the memory of a newly deceased teammate or to call to remembrance the passing of a member of the college community.
Wristbands are also worn to heighten interest in and awareness of health conditions such as kidney disease and the variety of cancerous conditions known to exist.
One very important wristband worn by many people is a medical alert wristband alerting both bystanders and emergency personnel of medical conditions and pharmaceutical allergies that the person has in the event that someone is rendered unconscious and unable to speak for himself.

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