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Marketing online I have been working online for about 1.
5 years now and what I have noticed is that many people marketing online have a bit of an aggressive approach towards their leads.
They are saying that they have the best business and the best market plan and how much you really need their services/program.
I believe that to be successful online you must have a different marketing model.
I believe that its better if you first getting to know your lead, communicate with them every day, but do not mention anything about your business to start with.
You can mention your business when you perhaps have been communicating with that person at least one month.
Talk about everyday stuff at first, nothing in particular, but certainly not business.
Make the customers come to you, do not chase them in an aggressive way.
Give it some time and do not rush things.
Be their friend, give them support and make them trust you as a person as well as a marketer.
Make them believe that you are a professional talented online marketer.
And if they join your business, then do not forget about them after that, keep in touch with them and help them the best that you can.
I am not saying that all marketers promote aggressively, but I believe that some marketer are doing so.
Separate your self from those marketers with the more aggressive approach in their marketing.
Do not make the lead feel uncomfortable with you.
And most important of all; be truthful regarding what you earn through your business.
Be patient, do not get irritated because it takes time to get to know the lead.
Think this way that it will be worth your while in the future to come.
When you are promoting, let people realize that you have great knowledge.
that way they will respect you and perhaps contact you in the future and become a partner in your business.
Wouldn't it be great if you did not have to promote so much and the customers comes to you instead? That's because you have not annoyed them when you did your promoting.
Perhaps you should not use system mailer so much, join communities and communicate with your prospect there, and like I said before don not be to pushy.
Sell yourself first instead of the product.
Share your knowledge about marketing, give something for free to them before you try to make them your costumers.
It does not need to be a product, it could be your knowledge you give them.
Think ahead, the work you are doing now will benefit you in the future.
I wish you the best of luck to you all with your marketing, maybe our path will cross one day in the future.
I hope you enjoyed this article and maybe I gave you some inspiration.
Have a nice day and take care.
Best regards, Tommy Olsson.

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