MLM Prospecting - Prospect Like a Pro Get Paid Like a Pro

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MLM prospecting or prospecting in any business, be it traditional or network marketing business is vital for the success and growth of your business.
It is no secret that in MLM business it's a numbers game as you will get more NOs than Yes so it is important to have a good follow of high quality MLM leads in your pipe line.
They are so many MLM prospecting tools to help you with your prospecting needs but most people choose to neglect this critically important step in their network marketing business and wonder why their businesses are not growing.
Types of markets for MLM prospecting include: Warm Market- these are people you already know for example your family and friends.
Luke-Warm Market - these are people you maybe work with or people you do business with.
Cold Market - these are people you don't know who are not familiar with you.
In this article i am going to focus on how to prospect in your cold market.
I am going to share with you some of the steps i have taken to generate 40 to 60 high quality targeted leads or prospects for my business.
Fish where the fish is and not where everyone is fishing: What i mean by this is talk to people who are already sold on the idea of an income from home.
There is always a network marketing company closing it's doors and these are the best people to bring into your business as leads or prospects.
Social Media: Join groups of similar interest and provide value in those groups by helping others with their questions and problems,this will position you as a person to follow and you will be surprised how many people will ask to join your business so that they can work with you.
PPC-Pay Per Click: This is when you advertise online and you target people who are looking for what you are already selling.
The only downside to this is sometimes you get a lot of people who are just looking and who are not really serious about changing their life.
Use A Prospecting System or Tool This is when you use Lead capture pages together with the use of a website or blog.
When prospects come to your site they have a chance to opt in by giving you their information in order to get free training, more information about a topic of interest.
These people who opt in are more high quality because they have taken action and are interested in what you have to say.
While MLM prospecting is the most important task for your network marketing business i see many people spending less than 20% of their time prospecting.
Fear of rejection is one of the major causes for people to shy away from this very important task They are ways of making MLM prospecting fun.
Ways when you pick up the phone to call your prospects and the prospects talk to you as if they already know you.

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