Marketing Your Squidoo Lens

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com is a website that allows people to create mini website pages for free, called strangely enough a Squidoo lens.
The site is well designed, has a high page rank in google, and gets a lot of traffic.
It was also created by marketing genius Seth Godin so it's designed to be a place that will provide great content to the user and help people make money.
This is the basic principal behind affiliate marketing so Squidoo is an ideal place for that.
* Find a Topic to Write About This is the key to successful affiliate marketing, you need to not only find a topic to write about, but you need to make sure that it has decent traffic potential and that the traffic you get is willing to make a purchase.
A great place to start is to look at which lenses are the most popular within the Squidoo network.
There is an excellent top 100 list that is maintained regularly so you can get a feel for the information that people want.
* Pay Attention to Keywords Another important element to finding affiliate success on squidoo is to make sure you do adequate keyword research.
Choose a good phrase that you will consider your main phrase.
For example, if you want to tell people how to find freelance writing jobs, your main keyword will likely be "freelance writing jobs".
Then, make sure the keyword is in your squidoo lens URL when setting it up.
You can specify during the process of setting up your lens.
* Create Your Lens If you are new to Squidoo, you may want to browse the site for a while to look at what other people are doing with the formatting.
Then, you can create your lens on the topic you chose.
You can make the content helpful, fun, and interactive.
Just make sure that your lens content overall is helpful and informative.
You have the ability to add text, lists, even polls.
The site also allows you to add merchants such as Amazon.
com on there.
Since you'll be promoting affiliate programs on your lenses, resist the urge to add products from other merchants on there.
* You'll Need a Great Product You can use sites like Clickbank.
com and CJ.
com to help you find good affiliate products and services to promote on your lenses.
Just make sure that the product is related to your lens topic and that the sales page is well written.
Just include the link a few times in your lens and if people like your content, they'll click on the link when prompted.
* Promote the Lens Once you create your lens and hit publish, you'll want to start promoting it so you can get traffic to it.
com comes equipped with many ways to get the word out about your lens.
You can comment on other people's lenses, join groups, and utilize the other tools the system has to offer.
Or you can use standard promotional methods like article marketing and pay per click.
You can also tell people about your lenses on your blogs, websites, and in your social networking profiles.
The key to success on squidoo, and successful affiliate marketing is to have a few lenses up using several keywords within the same subject.
If you found a great topic and you are getting decent traffic, you should start to see the sales rolling in within a week or two.

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