Coach was first established in 1941, is a family of six from the leather master cobbler joint operat

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Bally Gabriel CarlBally 1851  men, women, sportswear, sports goods, jeans, leather accessories, accessories, perfumes, home accessories brand family in the many, BALLY can be said is a unique one. Bally leather goods, ED Hardy Handbags divided into female and male simple, including handbags, belts, wallets, business card holder, luggage, leather care products. ... And so on.

In the past, see the leather on the '"B" is just like a symbol of refined elegance of the traditional European style, but in 98 years began adding new designers, bally leather goods, and began adding some modern elements, both in style the design or material for use on metal, you can see the new changes. Bally's accessories such as neckties, scarves, socks, stockings, watches .... Most of it is quite a small amount of production is dotted with nature. But the exquisite design of clever mind, and clothing with a subtle finishing touch was able to show results.

Heights of men and women in 1924 10.Coach cool briefcase, leisure bags travel bags, wallets, belts, classic American leather goods brand Coach, has always been simple, durable and unique style to win consumers.wholesale Juicy Handbags The same as jeans, Coach is very consistent with the American spirit. Look better with the more you use, to facilitate a good mix of features.

Has a "timeless" the reputation of the Coach bag, was actually the original inspiration has been from the softball gloves, the brand founder miles caha watching a softball game in the field, was surprised to find a baseball glove The more you use the more smooth, more soft features, so he went back to the leather is a special treatment to make it more flexible, with easy to discoloring, wear characteristics, and simply use a damp cloth, leather goods will be able to maintain perfect as new. This durable and convenient design, right by the majority of consumers love!

Coach was first established in 1941, is a family of six from the leather master cobbler joint operation, the second day, after half a century, Coach of the tanneries are still delicate art of leather by the master is responsible for most of them with 20 years of experience in leather, leather craft full of love and professional, therefore, the cobbler for each teacher in terms of a Coach, Coach is not just a brand name, Juicy Handbags is the crystallization of hard work and their heritage.

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