Developing Enterprise 2.0 Web Applications in PHP and MySQL - A Study

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The benefits of enterprise 2.
Enterprise 2.
0 is defined as: "a system of web-based technologies that provide rapid and agile collaboration, information sharing, emergence and integration capabilities in the extended enterprise".
Basically, it's about user-friendly web applications that let employees and partners of the company collaborate and generate ideas quickly.
The proposed benefits are that this will result in open innovation and improve the company's processes and products.
In modern enterprises employees are generating lots of content such as blog posts, articles, article comments, wiki content, newsletter broadcasts and discussion board replies which contain valuable knowledge.
Enterprise 2.
0 is about linking all this content together and making it easily available to employees.
In enterprise 2.
0 information will be finding the user instead of the other way around.
Employees should be able to have discussions about the content online, generating ideas which in turn lead to innovation of improved processes, as well as new products and services.
Letting employees directly communicate and share ideas outside conventional meetings will result in much more ideas being generated.
Tagging is a buzzword today and an essential feature in both social networks and enterprise 2.
Tagging allows for grouping users together with other users and content through automatic recommendations and suggestions to the end user.
Closely related to tagging of data is enterprise bookmarking which commonly is part of enterprise 2.
Using enterprise bookmarking employees can tag, store and organize their bookmarked external as well as internal sources of information and also share it with their co-workers.
Enterprise 2.
0 presents companies with a wide range of benefits including tracking ideas, attitudes and opinions; innovation; knowledge sharing; and peer-based project planning.
With APIs being provided by an increasing number of web applications, it is possible to linking your enterprise 2.
0 system together with other third party web services, creating a mash-up which combines data from multiple sources.
That is something that will make the enterprise 2.
0 system even more useful and valuable to its end-users.
It will allow you to bring in third party news, content, maps and more seamlessly without having your end-users leave your company's enterprise 2.
0 application.
Using PHP and MySQL as development platform Enterprise 2.
0 web applications are very similar to social networks in terms of functionality.
When it comes to social networks PHP and MySQL is a frequently used combination of programming language and database.
Facebook for example, is developed on this platform.

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