Local Business Marketing Benefits Community

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For a small business to be successful it needs to be well known in its locality. There are many ways to market a local business so that the community is aware of what it offers and feels attracted to purchase the product or service.

The basic things needed for local marketing are:

• an attractive sign on the front of the establishment that does not blend in, but stands out in its surroundings

• a brochure and business cards with a design that is suitable for the type of company

• press releases to all the local newspapers, radio and television stations about a grand opening or special event

• an event with free prizes to celebrate the opening

On a larger scale, the internet can be used for local business marketing. A website is just the beginning. A good website needs to be easy to navigate, have all the important information on the home page or one click away and be attractive.

The social media networks online are also good places for local business marketing. Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn all allow a business to spread its message to a large network of possible customers instantaneously. A local business should create an account on each of these sites and post promotions, sales, free prizes and new products. These sites need to be regularly monitored so they stay up to date.

On the company website there can be an online newsletter that customers sign up to receive by email. This is an excellent way to keep constant contact with returning customers as well as invite new ones. There may also be a current blog that is about the product or services offered. If it is interesting and timely and gives customers important information, they will read it regularly.

There are also online advertising sites that are free. Information can be placed on the website about the services or products of a small local business. This will reach thousands of people in any given local area.

Another local marketing strategy is to offer to give demonstrations or talks in the locality on any aspect of the company. If these are done by someone with a talent for entertaining, it will attract customers to the merchant.

Finally, a local Chamber of Commerce is in most communities in the United States, and their main purpose is to help small local businesses thrive. They may even host an event that will bring together many local company owners to share strategies and get referrals. It is good for owners be involved in the local community not only to gain customers, but to be seen as a valuable member of the society.

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