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Knitting Ideas for Kids

Knitting is a fun, engaging hobby that will get children away from the electronics they seem to be attached to lately and into the realm of crafting. Thankfully, there are plenty of simple crafting projects kids can make that they'll find entertaining. When choosing materials for their projects, cho

12-Month Baby Scrapbook Ideas

Photos are just one method of preserving image by Yvonne Bogdanski from Fotolia.comThe first year of your child's life is a time period filled with new beginnings. As soon as your baby is born, he is learning and growing at a rapid pace. Each month new parents are surprised...

How to Make a Bow Out of Pipe Cleaner

When you are putting together a clown costume for a class play, you may feel frustrated by how expensive clown costume accessories are when purchased from a costume shop. One solution is to make the clown accessories yourself using basic craft materials. For example, create a clown bow using pipe cl

Inside Youth Group Activities

Prepare activities that your youth group will enjoy image by Siberia from Fotolia.comWhether you're inside because it's a rainy day or you just want to keep things more contained, you'll need to have a variety of activities planned to keep the members of your youth group...

How to Make an Upside Down Telescope: Video Series

Are you interested in a fun way for your kids to develop interest in the world around them? Learn how to make an upside down telescope in this free crafts video series.

Series Summary

One of the easiest ways to introduce your child to the world of artistic exploration

Making Jewelry With Evil Eye Beads

Evil eye beads were traditionally used as talismans by the Greeks, Tibetans, Romans, Egyptians and the nomadic Roma people to ward off the evil eye. The evil eye, or Mal de ojo, was believed to be a power possessed by certain people who could induce ill will with just a glance. The amulets made of

How to Make a Homemade Pocketknife

A pocketknife gives you the the convenience and overall utility of being able to carry a knife whether you are out on the job or in the wilderness. The earliest forms of these knives date back as far as the times of Christ, while the knives with the same design as today's Swiss Army knife first bega

How to Make Scrapbooking Kits

Scrapbooking kits are great to create and give as gifts to friends and loved ones. They are fairly simple to put together, and you can use your creative side include coordinating embellishments that can be easily used by anyone. Major craft retailers make it easy to find several coordinating papers

How to Build a Pink Teddy Bear

Pink teddy bears are common gifts for newborn babies, young girls and adult women. However, it is very rarely that we get teddy bears made at home especially with us in mind. If you plan to give someone a pink teddy bear and want to really make an impression, it might be an idea to make one yourself

How to Draw an Apple Juice Box

Whether you are needing to draw an apple juice box for a science fair poster, a lunch room bulletin board, or for your little sister to color, you do not need to break out into a sweat. There are several ways to go about drawing an apple juice box that are surprisingly uncomplicated. Pick up an app

How to Make Chinese Fans

Chinese fans are not only graceful but useful, cooling their owners from the intense heat of southern China in summertime. You can make a Chinese fan using simple materials. The thin cardboard base will be covered with Chinese fabric. Silk, the most popular Chinese fabric, is lightweight and will wo

How to Make a Tie Skirt Into a Shirt

Transform a wrap-around skirt that ties at the waist into a sexy summer strapless shirt for yourself, or an adorable ribbon-adorned fashion essential for a little girl. The transformation project is easy for even novice dressmakers and you can complete the project in less than 30 minutes. Embellish

Winter Wonderland Streamer Birthday Decorations

For many children the winter is filled with snow, building snowman, sledding, making snow angels, snow days off from school, and of course, everyone's favorite snowball fights. We are going t

Colonial Needle Crafts

Women of colonial times had little time for decorative needle crafts upon first settling in America. Life was difficult and surviving required many hours of hard work maintaining the home, family and fields. They spent time making functional items for their home and families. Colonial women taught t

How to Decorate a Cantaloupe

Decorating a cantaloupe may be a fun way for you to get your children more interested in melons and nutrition. Cantaloupes are medium to large, sweet-tasting melons with an orange colored inside and a rough outer rind that has a netted appearance. Due to their round shape, there are a number of thin

How to Emboss With Nestabilities in a Big Shot Machine

Embossing paper or cardstock creates an added visual touch to plain paper. Embossing is the process of pressing designs or shapes into paper to create a raised effect. It is used by those who would like to add decoration to their scrapbook or greeting cards but can be used in just about any way you

How to Make Miniature Fruit for Dollhouses

Miniature fruits are one of the detailed areas that really sets off a dollhouse or small-scale model. Although many craftsmen sell miniature fruits online and in craft stores, they are also an approachable project for adults and children to make. After purchasing materials, the cost will usually equ

How Does Quartz Technology Work in Watches?

The PendulumFor hundreds of years before the invention of quartz clocks, timepieces were driven by pendulums. Pendulums are useful for timekeeping because of their accuracy. Whether it swings in a big arc or a small one, a pendulum takes the same amount of time to make one trip. That...

How to Make Trailing Zeros Display in Excel

By default, Microsoft Excel truncates trailing zeros that appear after a decimal point, because the program deems them unnecessary. However, these trailing zeros might be important for alignment or as part of a identification code. You have two options that allow these trailing zeros to display. Man

Free DIY Solar Dryer Plans

One of the very first methods of preserving food was a process known as dehydration. Today, dehydrators are enclosed cabinets that provide air flow and a low source of heat in order to slowly remove the moisture from the food being dried. This process is generally reliable, but it uses electricity.