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How to Determine If PC Memory Is Bad?

PC memory stability is critical to how well programs run in the operating system (OS). If even one stick of memory is faulty, it affects overall performance. Symptoms of bad memory sticks include OS freezes, "blue screen of death" in Windows, unexpected crashes and frequent restarts. The causes of b

How to Overclock an E8200 Core 2 Duo on a Gigabyte EP 43 M Board

Central processing units, or CPUs, are an important component of computers and other electronics. Processors allow devices to perform complicated tasks by handling numerous data calculations per second. The amount of calculations a CPU processes in a set amount of time is determined by its operating

Shopping For a Used Cisco Switch

One can buy a used Cisco switch instead of a brand new one to save money. However, shopping for second-hand IT equipment takes some research. A buyer must look into several factors involving the product and the reseller.

How to Insert a Memory Stick Pro Into an EliteBook

The Memory Stick PRO is a flash memory card from Sony, and it's one of several in the Memory Stick lineup of cards. Physically, it's a fairly small storage card, measuring about 3/4 of an inch wide by 1 1/4 inch long, but its maximum capacity is an impressive 32 gigabytes (GB). You can use this card

The Specifications of an eMachine M622-UK8X

The eMachines M622-UK8X, also referred to as the eMachines W4620, is a budget laptop made by eMachines, which was purchased by Gateway in 2005. It is a thin and lightweight notebook, weighing only 5.5 pounds. The appearance is enhanced with the silver on black coloration. It was originally released

How to Change a Password on MSN

An MSN password allows you to log into both email and instant messaging accounts. It is a unique code that consists of at least six characters designed to prevent other users from accessing your accounts. MSN allows you to change your password anytime and as many times as you want. This is important

How to Access the BIOS on the A55-S106

The A55-S106 is a laptop computer from Toshiba. It is part of the company's "Satellite" line of portable laptop computers and features a full QWERTY style keyboard and a built-in number pad. Unlike other programs, you can't access the BIOS on your A55-S106 from within Windows. Instead, you have to a

How to Connect My Laptop to My Network Using a Belkin G Wireless Card

Ten years ago, wireless networking technology was still in its infancy. It required extensive setup and preparation time, and its range was limited and often unreliable. Technology has charged ahead, hwever, and modern wireless networking equipment is just as good as its hard-wired cousin--and much

How to Troubleshoot a Microsoft Cordless Mouse

Often thought of as a software company, Microsoft makes hardware, including the Xbox gaming system, keyboards, trackballs and mice products amongst other things. Problems with the cordless mice can include them not responding as expected, the pointer moving erratically and the mice stopping at irreg

How to Make Sure the Microphone on a Computer Is Working

When you attempt to use your computer microphone with voice communication software, you may not be able to readily discern whether the device is working. If you are having a problem, you’ll need to determine whether the issue is with your microphone, your software or some external factor, such

How to Recover Iomega Automatic Backup Image Files

Iomega backup image files are backup files of your computer. If your computer stops working, you can use these images to reset your computer. If they are accidentally deleted from the hard drive, you can recover them with a free file recovery program. Three free programs on the Internet will recover

How to Format a Sony Recovery Partition

Most name-brand computers, including Sony, come with recovery partitions located on the main hard drive. Computers used to come with restore discs, then computer manufacturers started including recovery partitions on the computer's hard drive in addition to recovery discs. Eventually, recovery discs

How to Hide a Tab From the Public on Facebook

To protect your privacy, Facebook allows you to hide nearly all the aspects of your profile from people who are not on your friends list. In the current version of Facebook, tabs have been replaced by links that appear under your profile pictures on your wall. Hiding the elements of information cont

How to Make a CRT Monitor Work With an Ati Video Card

CRT monitors use old monitor plugs, and many new ATI video cards come only with DVI monitor slots. So, to use CRT monitors with these new video cards, you must use a small amount of special hardware, and a different driver setup on your computer.

How to Map Keyboard Keys

The uses for mapping your keyboard are numerous, but remapping your keyboard’s keys is not for the squeamish. There are numerous software applications to map and remap a keyboard’s keys. The best part is that the software is free and easily downloadable via the Internet. So, go ahead a

How to Defrag a SD Card

Secure Digital memory cards are storage devices used in digital cameras, cell phones and other electronics. If your card has a lot of files on it, it will begin to slow down. Defragging the drive will speed up the drive by systematically placing the files in a fashion that the device can easily acce

How to Format the Nexus S

When you format a device or a drive, you erase everything on it and prepare it for future storage. If you need to format your Nexus S phone, you can erase everything on it in the Privacy Settings section by doing a factory reset. That reset will revert the phone to the state it was in immediately af

Parts of the Printer

Printers are an output device for computer users. The devices print documents, images and spreadsheets. Printers come in different styles and capabilities. Some have color printing capabilities while others contain only black ink. Of the two main types of printers, laser and inkjet, the former has t

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