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How to Hide & Unhide the Windows XP Taskbar

For most Windows XP users, the Taskbar is the staging area for almost all activities on their computer. It houses the "Start" button, which grants access to program shortcuts. It also displays tabs of currently opened programs, which allows you to switch easily between opened programs. However, the

App Garden Lite Review

Picture your Android device as a quaint planter box growing all sorts of life-infused tricks and utilities. That is what App Garden Lite is like, and here's why I love it.

How to Manually Load a Missing DLL to Windows XP

A Dynamic Link Library (DLL) file is a system file on a Microsoft Windows XP operating system that contains information, code and data that is used by more than one program. These libraries can be used by the operating system itself, as well as by programs that run within the operating system. If yo

How to Create Zwinkys

Zwinkys are customizable cartoon avatars that can be used in their own online world or on social networking sites such as Myspace. You can change the look of your Zwinky with different hair color and styles, clothing, jewelry and cosmetics. New items can be purchased in the Zwinktopia game universe

How to Fix the Windows XP Network

The Windows XP operating system includes an automatic repair method to help isolate and repair simple network connection problems. Microsoft also offers a Network Diagnostics for Windows XP tool as a free download to help diagnose and fix more intricate networking issues, such as IP configuration, I

How to View the Cookie History

Cookies are small text files that websites download to your computer when you visit certain pages. They allow the website downloading them to recognize your computer each time you visit the website. Because some cookies (tracking cookies) use malicious methods to track your browsing history, it is i

How to Sync Contacts to a PC

Syncing your cell phone's contacts to your computer gives you a quick and easy way to access the files in case your phone breaks or you lose it. To sync your phone to your computer, you need the desktop manager specific to your device. Smartphones come with desktop software when you purchase the pho

Free PC Temp File Removal Tools for Windows XP

Don't let your computer collect old, unused filesFiling cabinet - Aktenschrank image by Wiktor Osiecki from Fotolia.comPrograms are constantly creating temporary files. These files can aid the program in processing or storing information, and typically they're deleted immediately after...

How to Solve a Missing or Corrupt File on Windows

Your Windows system files may become corrupt or go missing for a number of reasons, such as a virus or other system issue, or your system may have crashed or turned off before you saved the file. If your file isn't missing, but you have tried to open a file and it will not open correctly, it is prob

How to Install Windows XP on an Asus W7s

ASUS W7S is one of the latest laptop lines. Even though this notebook series is newer, Windows XP may need to be installed onto it. Whether the reason is that you don't like the current operating system that came with the computer or that the ASUS W7S was purchased without an operating system, Win

How to Convert a Mac Mini Into a Server

Apple's Mac Mini is the lowest-priced Macintosh computer on the market as of May 2011. The Mac Mini is designed as a compact desktop computer with competitive specifications for a computer of its size. Mac Minis run the Apple Mac OS X operating system. These systems make good low-end servers because

How to Reinstall Windows XP System Files

The Windows XP system files are the core files used by the XP operating system to work its magic on your computer, enabling your PC to function normally on a day-to-day basis. Reinstall the Windows XP system files when the computer is suffering from either missing or corrupt system files. Accomplish

How to Change the Background on Windows 7 Media Center

Windows Media Center includes an area where users can listen to music and watch videos. Some of the Media Center software is customizable. One of these areas is the background color. Users can set the background to a color that matches the desktop or one that makes it easier to watch videos. The Med

How to Identify the Processes in Window Task Manager?

In the background of any Windows operating system, processes are constantly running. Some of these processes are absolutely necessary for the proper functioning of your computer. Other processes are frivolous and can sometimes be dangerous, as is the case with viral infections. You can learn how to

How to Disable Windows Search 4.0 for Windows XP

Windows Desktop Search is the default search program for a user using Windows XP. If a user wishes, however, he can access the registry editor and disable Windows Desktop Search. This does not uninstall it from the operating system, but it does disable it until the user accesses the registry editor

How to Correct Windows Installer Service Error 1719 in Windows Vista

Programs that are downloaded to your Vista computer or contained on a CD typically use the Windows Installer to copy files onto the system. When the Windows Installer is corrupt, an error 1719 can occur, which will prevent programs from being installed. You can correct a 1719 Windows Installer error

Thirteen Ways to Loathe VB

Thirteen Ways to Loathe VB, a column written by Verity Stob for EXE magazine, January 2000. Published by special permission of aPress from the book, The Best of Verity Stob.

How to Hide Windows Security Alerts in XP

The Windows XP operating system frequently notifies users about the security status of their computer. Pop-up alert windows launched by the Security Center inform users about everything from virus protection issues to system updates. If you use Windows XP and do not want to see these security alerts

How to Eliminate Start-Up Programs

When you start Windows, it will automatically load several programs and processes. In some cases, these auto-loads are useful and even necessary. Several key processes load at Windows boot-up, and if they fail to start, your system will crash. Other processes might be used by you every day, such as