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How to Use the MLA Format in Text Citation

In-text citations not only serve to attribute ideas to others but give your readers a way to find the source if they are interested in exploring those ideas further. The Modern Language Association formatting, usually used in the humanities and arts, issues rules and guidelines on how to properly at

Article Marketing - Not a Get Rich Quick Method

Contrary to what is spouted all over the internet, article marketing is NOT a get rich quick formula. Article marketing, like any form of marketing, takes time, takes consistent effort and persistence to make a difference to your bottom line. And quite frankly, article marketing is not for everyone.

Snow Boots: The Best Gift for Winter

Snow boots are originally made of fur for insulation; as its purpose had been serve right. Today more modern boots are out in the market to cater the population living in four seasoned countries. The trend in snow boots have entered in different versions, lay-outs, colors to fit various personalitie

How do I Become a Freelance Writer?

Once the earning potential of freelance writers becomes apparent, many people will ask themselves "How do I become a freelance writer?" The process can be as hard or as easy as you want to make ...

Writers Block: And How You Defeated It

You checked your old blog posts; you felt disgusted to the point of almost deleting your blog, but you need money, so you let it sit there. You were anxious; you scratched your head several times and you felt like kicking your word processor. Yet again, you planned of reusing your horrible excuse. Y

Dissertation Topic

Dissertation topic writing depends on what you choose to write on or what your teacher or professor assigns to you. A Dissertation topic can be related to any research area of your academics. Your topic ...

Living in Bliss

What does living in bliss means? Why is it that when we tried to live in bliss we never get the love of our life. But in the end we just ended up with people we might not have love?

Confused About Writing Ebooks? The Top Ebook Writing Questions Answered

Writing ebooks can be very profitable. Ebooks tend to sell for more than their printed equivalents and take far less time to write. But, how do you get started? This article addresses three questions commonly asked by people considering writing ebooks so that you don't have to scrabble around f

Top Seven Ways Writing Articles Can Explode Your Business

In today's highly competitive internet universe, the importance of attracting highly targeted traffic to your website cannot be overemphasized. Routing web traffic to your site can be your only means of survival, especially in the cutthroat world of ecommerce. Getting a high search engine ranki

How to Advertise Your Blog Through Article Marketing

One of the most effective strategy when it comes to internet marketing and online business is through advertisement of your blog. Good advertisement or good exposure of your site can be done through article marketing.

Dreaming of Being a Novel Writer?

Novel writing has always been very popular - almost anybody who has at least an ounce of talent at writing would want to write a novel at some time. However, having an ounce of talent and almost no determination to do so, or no ideas at all can prove to be a tricky road towards writing a good novel.

How to Write a Challenge Grant Contract

Challenge grants raise more money for your nonprofit organization. They differ from matching grants because they involve a pledge from a donor to give a certain amount of money--only if the organization is able to raise a specified amount from other sources. Matching grants usually match each doll

Teleseminar Basics - 5 Steps to Improve Your Teleseminars

Based on research, teleseminars are more effective in generating on-call conversions. Why? Unlike sales letters and PPC ads, teleseminars allow you to easily build personal connection with your target market. You see, when people hear your voice and they get the answers to their questions from you p

Join The Article Submission Craze And Get Your Articles Out There!

Article submission sites are a great way to generate traffic to your website. By submitting your article to article submission sites you also increase the back links to your website. This is a great way to get more notice to your website by the search engines. Search engines crave new content and po

How to Decide When to Hold Your Webinar

When designing a webinar one of the more important decisions is when to hold it. After all, the time you hold it will affect how many people attend. In this article you'll find seven questions you need to ask in order to decide when to hold your webinar.

Article Writing For Money - How to Increase Your Articles

Writing and submitting articles is a great way of generating additional traffic to your site. When someone reads your article they get to know you in a very short period of time. They learn about your character and your opinions in the space of say four or five minutes.

What Is a Table Format for Writing an Essay?

When writing essays and papers, a table often gives the reader a great deal of information and enhances your argument's credibility. But tables should be used sparingly, as too many of them can make a paper messy and frustrate readers with unnecessary information. When preparing an essay, questions