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Ideas for a Movie Party

A movie party can be entertaining and enjoyable for all as, fancy dress is always entertaining and having a theme makes a party more interesting. A movie party can be held by adults or children, making it appropriate for either by the food and drink you serve and the games you play.

How to Bling Your Wedding Cake

Add a little bit of flashy glitz and glamour to your wedding cake with edible gold-tinted decorations. Instead of traditional pastel decorations for a wedding cake, make your favorite flowers from gum paste and turn them into sparkling decorations with edible gemstone stems. While roses are commonly

How to Sheet for Cascading Wedding Bouquets

Cascading wedding bouquets are fetching displays that draw the eye directly to the bride as she walks down the aisle. These bouquets typically consist of a mix of large and small blooms with greenery to add depth and character. The key to cascading wedding bouquets is to use flowers that mimic water

Your Wedding Day: What Every Bride Should Know

While there are hundreds of things to remember on your wedding day, these important tips will help your day go more smoothly so you can relax and enjoy this special day in your life. Learn how to have a great bridal session, what to do before and during your ceremony, how to get great wedding pictur

Men's Engagement Rings

If girls can wear engagement rings to announce their status, why can't men? Well, there really is no reason. The wearing of men's engagement rings is additional common in alternative

Centerpiece Ideas for a Vintage Wedding

If you love the timeless elegance of vintage decor, a reception decorated with this theme in mind is likely part of the wedding of your dreams. The colors and images you choose for the centerpiece will add to the authenticity of the decoration, and a few customized accents are sure to impress your g

Finding the Perfect Accessory to Compliment Your Wedding Gown

In order to become your best during the most important event in your life, you must not only focus your efforts searching for the best wedding gown. An equally important aspect of your search is the perfect rhinestone tiaras and rhinestone chokers that you must wear to match the design of the weddin

3 Ways to Help You Beat the Average Wedding Cost

Weddings are becoming more and more expensive everyday. It can seem like you are doomed to paying the average wedding costs but in reality there is no need. I have for you 3 ways to avoid punishing your wallet.

How to Keep Things From Sticking to a Pizza Stone

Pizza stones, or safe ceramic tiles, are ideal for baking pizzas and rustic breads on as they mimic the traditional method of baking in a stone hearth or fire brick pizza oven. The hot stone quickly crisps the underside of the dough without overcooking the toppings or top-side of the dough. If the s

Rise in Love With Autumn Wedding Favors

Fall wedding favors and autumn wedding favors if picked correctly can really make you rise in love among your guests and would be partner! Fall being the season of absolutely vivid colors highlighting passion and all that is deep and rich, you must match it with an equally intense choice in your wed

Ring Bearer Ideas

The ring bearer does not have to be a boy or even human.rat-bride image by Oleg Sviridov from Fotolia.comRing bearers are included in most traditional wedding ceremonies. The ring bearer's basic job is to carry the bride and groom's wedding rings safely down the aisle to the altar,...

Finding a Cheap Wedding Dress

For those on a tight budget one way to keep a wedding within your financial means is to select a cheap wedding dress. When I say "cheap" I do not mean shoddily made, I mean one that you searched high and low for and once you found it you haggled on the price until you got it at the price y

Ideas for a Bat Mitzvah Theme

A Bat Mitzvah is an important moment in a 12-year-old Jewish girl's life. The day marks the beginning of when a child is responsible for her actions. The age at which they become responsible coincides with puberty. Jewish boys have a Bar Mitzvah when they are 13 years old.

Types of Flowers for Bouquets

Flowers can help set the tone for any occasion, whether that occasion is elegant, informal or traditional. The chosen bouquet should also say something about the carrier. To give the bouquet a little more style and to further enhance the atmosphere, dress them up with baby's breath or ribbons. If yo

How to Plan an Event at a Sporting Venue

Host a big party or a business trade show at the one location everyone can find: the local sporting venue. It could be a large stadium used for professional sports or a smaller location on a college campus. The facility will have rooms, catering options, ample bathrooms and plenty of parking. Even i