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Cool Season Vegetable Gardening

Cool weather vegetable gardening offers many advantages, not the least of which is the colorful choice of crops that can be grown, like 'Bright Lights' chard, ‘Red Russian’ Brussels sprouts, ‘Osaka Purple’ mustard greens or any of the many other suggestions offered here

Vital Gutter Cleaning Tips For Homeowners

In discussing gutter cleaning tips, most homeowners would agree with me that when it comes to keeping your gutters clean, it is not an easy task; it is one that not only saps you of energy but also consumes your time and at the end of it, leaves you looking messy and very tired. Even at this, you ca

Patio Awnings for the Summer

Summer is an ideal time to enjoy your outdoor moments and adding patio awnings to your outdoor space is a great way of decorating it.

Where to get quality Organic vegetable seeds

It is very easy to grow as much as fresh organic veggies as you want in your backyard. All you require to do is to look for some organic vegetable seeds and sow them. Purchasing ...

Tips to Maximize the Harvesting of Your Herb Garden

Properly harvesting your herb garden will permit you to enjoy the various array of services provided by them all year long even if you only grow them during the warm months. Always store them in air tight containers so that they don't lose any freshness and flavor and identify the containers fo

Ebb and Flow Hydroponics Tips

Ebb and flow hydroponics is one of the easiest hydroponic systems to manage due to its set up. Because of this, many growers around the world prefer this system when growing hydroponically. Even though it ...

How to Prune Back Basil

Basil is the main ingredient in pesto, a spicy yet savory-sweet sauce used in Italian cooking. Leaves are used to flavor many different dishes of Mediterranean origin, and basil plants are easy to grow. Start seed indoors six to eight weeks before the last expected frost and plant outside in late sp

How to Burn Herbs to Purify a Room

If it feels like negative vibes are stagnating in your space, it's time to do some spiritual housekeeping. For thousands of years, indigenous people throughout the world have burned herbs and incense as a way of cleansing sacred spaces and healing illness. Native Americans perform a type of smoke ri

Growing Daylilies - Pests and Plagues

No wonder gardeners everywhere love growing daylilies - they're pest and disease resistant! Daylily Pests Some insects are attracted to daylilies, but they rarely do much damage. Here are some to look out for: Spider ...

The Different Ways To Setup A Worm Farm For Your Organic Garden

Having an organic garden is a great way to produce fresh chemical free vegetables to feed your family and friends. When growing organic vegetables the success results can differ from each gardener due to a number of factors. One main reason why beginner gardeners don't grow healthy vegetables i

Indoor Bonsai Tree Travels Through Time

The history of the indoor bonsai tree is fascinating in its own right, and can help the bonsai enthusiast increase their appreciation and enjoyment of this relaxing and rewarding art form.The bonsai traveled from China to Japan to the US and the rest of the world, crossing not only oceans, but centu

Growing Hanging Tomato Plants Easily

It's really fun to do gardening. Gardening is considered to be one of the hobbies that people engage to, mostly women. For these garden lovers, gardening has no equivalent when it comes to the joy and happiness that they feel especially when they are already harvesting the fruits of their labor

Home Pest Control Is Good For the Environment

When dealing with home pest control, many people prefer to try to handle the problem on their own as best as they can. There are two main reasons for this: they don't want to hurt ...

Homemade Fungicide for Gardens

Damaging plant diseases, such as powdery mildew and black spot are caused by fungus. Fungi are microscopic spores found in the soil and on the roots, stems and leaves of the plants. They cause spots on the leaves, wilting and the eventual death of the plant if not properly treated. Treatment is in t

Jazz Up Your Patio With Color

Have a plan that makes all the colors and accents come together. For instance, paint your chairs in various primary colors, but have a single solid color for the cushions that ties them altogether. Ad

Helpful Lawn Care Tips

I grew up in a city where the only piece of lawn my family had to take care of was a small strip in front of the house. It was about 2 feet wide and roughly 10 feet long. With a weed wacker it took about one minute and with my neighbor's lawn mower it took about 10 seconds.

A Good Rock Garden Design Requires Careful Planning

A rock garden design is a beautiful and practical approach to gardening. However, because the rock garden is difficult to change after it is in place, it's important to plan carefully before execution.