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DIY: Porch Benches

Outdoor porch benches can be pricey when purchased from home and garden suppliers. Making your own bench from a recycled inner tube and lumber is a cost-efficient incorporation of both functionality and charm for any garden space, not to mention the porch. Sturdy and weather resistant, this bench r

Halloween Ideas for Babies in Toy Boxes

Creepy decor is a must at Halloween, and few things are creepier than plastic baby dolls, especially after you've watched a few bad horror movies. Instead of throwing away the dolls in your child's toy box after she's outgrown them, recycle the dolls at Halloween to have the scariest house in the ne

Job Description for a Tornado Chaser

Most storm chasers are hobbyists who have a love for science and meteorology. They chase forming storms looking for that potential supercell that will produce a tornado. It is rare that a storm chaser is compensated for a chase. However, that doesn't lessen the knowledge and dedication needed to pre

How to Find the Center of Gravity on an RC Plane

The physical attributes of your radio-controlled (RC) airplane will directly impact the overall performance of the aircraft. One of the most important aspects of the airplane is its center of gravity. This point is where all forces exerted on the aircraft are equal. Finding this point is essential t

How PWM Works With a Potentiometer

PWM PurposePulse-Width Modulation (PWM) is a way of controlling the power of an electric circuit that wastes very little electricity. The simplest way to turn the power of a circuit up and down is by putting in a variable resistor called a rheostat. The problem is that, the more the...

How to Test the pH of Alkaline Water with Litmus Paper

The pH of water-based solutions is measured on a 0-14 scale that reflects the solution's acidity or alkalinity. A pH of exactly 7 indicates a neutral solution; a pH less than 7 indicates an acidic solution and a pH above 7 indicates an alkaline solution. Scientists use litmus paper as a quick method

Tips for Using a Weller Soldering Iron

Weller is one of the most widely used brands of soldering gun or soldering iron. As with all brands, the keys to safe and effective use are choosing the correct wattage and tip, and using caution.

Most Common Types of Dispersion

Dispersion has many different meanings. Typically it is a phenomenon in which a solution or a wave of light is dispersed in another medium. The types of dispersion can range from suspension of chemicals in liquids to the dispersion of color in wavelengths of light and sound in communication.

How to Convert Conductivity to Concentration

Conductivity, the measurement of how well electrical current passes through, is in direct relation to the ion concentration of most solutions. The higher the ion concentration in your solution, the better it will conduct electricity. Although some highly concentrated solutions do not follow the line

Parts Used to Adjust Light on a Microscope

Lighting is an important element in viewing specimens through a microscope. Proper lighting aids in contrast, definition and resolution of the specimen being viewed. Microscopes are available with built-in illumination or external light sources depending on how much you want to spend. Regardless of

How to Convert an Underwater Kinetics Flashlight to LED

You don't have to worry about losing power when viewing underwater. Simply replace the incandescent bulb of your Kinetics underwater flashlight with a longer-lasting and much more durable LED. The procedure is similar to swapping out a bulb for a laser diode, so you'll need a laser housing from a la

How to Make a Foam Hot-Wire Cutter

A foam hot wire cutter is a tool that is used to help cut through polystyrene foam. The cutter has a thin wire that is electrically heated so that you can cut through the foam. The wires can be bent into a specific shape depending on the type of cut you need to make in the polystyrene foam. Rather t

Hotels Near Great Neck, New York

Great Neck, New York is a collection of villages on the north side of Long Island, a fish-shaped peninsula that juts out from the bottom of New York State. Great Neck started off as farmland and developed into the bustling suburban community that it is today. You can find a number of...

How to Make a Hand-Wound Resistor

Power resistors are commonly used in the design and manufacture of power supplies. Power supplies are the power source for battery chargers and provide the direct current supply (DC) for all electronic devices including computers, stereos and public address systems. Power resistors are of low resist

How to Smock in Sewing

Smocking is a decorative way of gathering fabric so that clothing fits the body's shape more closely. It has been used for centuries, especially in the clothing of people who needed their clothes to fit so that they could work freely. It became a way of decorating children's and infant's clothing.

How to Count Microbes

You can't count every single microbe in a sample because there are too many and it would take too long to examine every part of the medium under a microscope. The microbes in the sample also may be multiplying unless you kill them all. However, you can count the microbes in parts of the sample and d

Tools for Moving Furniture

Lifting and transporting furniture is one of the most onerous parts of moving. Even moving your furniture around within your home can be a huge pain. Thankfully there are a few tools, commonly used by moving professionals, that can help make the job of moving furniture less difficult for...

How to Build Muscle in Fable 2

In "Fable 2" for the Microsoft Xbox 360, players manipulate the way they look by eating different foods and adding attributes to different characteristics such as charm and muscle. To increase muscle, the player must follow a strict regimen of eating, while also adding attributes to their muscle sta