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How to Wire the Whirlpool LE8650XWW0 Thermostat

The Whirlpool LE8650XWW0 is a large-capacity electric clothes dryer that features timed drying controls, automatic cycle selections and a specially designed heat-adjustment feature. The cycling thermostat for your electric dryer regulates the amount of heat used during the drying process. A defectiv

How To Get a Drum Out of a Dryer

The drum in your dryer is the area in which the clothes are inserted. If repairing or replacing the motor or blower in your dryer, you must fist remove the dryer drum. To remove the drum, you must first remove the top and front panels of the dryer. Once the top and front panels are removed, the

Comparing Food Saver Machines

Food Saver machines can save your food and allow it to stay fresh for up to five times longer with their vacuum sealing machines. This could keep up to $600 a year in your wallet through the saving of wasted food, according to Food Saver's website.

The "Normal" Light Keeps Blinking on My Whirlpool Dishwasher

The “Normal” indicator light on most Whirlpool dishwashers illuminates when a normal wash cycle is selected and is in progress. However, if the "Normal" indicator light is flashing at other times before or after a wash cycle, a problem may have happened. Resolving this issue an

How to Reverse the Door on a Kenmore Refrigerator

You might not think it, but the swing direction of a refrigerator door makes a big difference to a kitchen's accessibility. Appliances are normally configured to open right to left and most people choose to keep it that way, even if it interferes with the surrounding cabinets. Reversing the swing of

History of the Mantel Clock

Mantel clocks come in many shapes and sizes. Some have pendulums and bells, while others are much simpler and plain. They can be elaborate with sculptures attached at the sides or unadorned. They all bring interest to the area above the fireplace.

Circuit Breaker Styles

A circuit breaker is a switch inside the electrical panel box that trips to interrupt electricity in case of a short circuit or overload. Circuit breakers help to protect you from fire and electric shock. The three different types of circuit breakers are each tailored for a specific need.

How to Clean the Filter on a Frigidaire Ice Maker

The Frigidaire ice maker is on the exterior of the refrigerator door. It displays the status of the filter cartridge with a "Good" or "Replace" indicator to signify when it is properly working or requires replacement. The filter needs a new cartridge every six months or after 200

Instructions for an Ionic Breeze GP

The Ionic Breeze GP is an air purifier that removes 99 percent of all air pollutants from your indoor air. These pollutants can be caused by radon gas, unclean carpets, animals, chemicals, solvents, glues or pesticides in your house. Carbon monoxide is another big pollutant that can be caused be mi

Water Filter Cartridge - Do the Math and Save Yourself a Lot of Money

With the purchase of a high quality water purification system, there are a lots of considerations that you have to make, including whether or not the system provides you with the best value with its replacement water filter cartridge. Sometimes you're not getting quite as good a deal as you may

Maytag Ensignia Dryer Troubleshooting

Maytag dryers are warrantied by Whirlpool for one full year after purchase. If the dryer has a defective part, obtain warranty service by calling Whirlpool to locate an authorized service provider. Before calling for service, correct common problems through troubleshooting. Minor issues are often re

Vent Free Fireplace Facts

Ventless fireplaces were invented so that homeowners could enjoy the appearance of a fireplace in places where a real fireplace cannot be used. Ventless fireplaces do not require a chimney and are therefore an inexpensive alternative to a traditional fireplace.

Single Vs. Dual Hose Portable AC

Portable air conditioners are movable units used specifically to cool an area in a modular fashion without the need for a permanent installation. Unlike the centralized air conditioners that are evaporative-based, most portable ACs are refrigeration-based, which come in two types: single-hose and du

How to Sweep & Clean the Furnace

Your home's furnace is a very important appliance in your household. In some situations, such as during a severely cold winter, your furnace might even be the most essential large appliance you own. This means that you should always do your best to make sure your furnace is operating efficiently at

Best Options For Cheap Wireless Speakers

The financial crisis is not helping anyone. Right now, more and more people are going for the cheaper option when it comes to buying anything. And the wireless speakers are not spared from the impact. Many people would like to setup a home theater system but a lot of them don't want to spend a

Problems With the Kenmore Oasis Dryer

Kenmore Oasis dryers make a good choice for drying your laundered clothing at home. The machines work well under most conditions but may occasionally run into problems with the machine starting, making noise and taking too long to dry your clothing. In most cases, you can easily fix these common pro

Pellet Wood Stove - Are They a Good Choice For Heating?

With a pellet wood stove you can have the comfort and advantages of wood heat and the convenience of traditional heating appliances while using a low cost renewable source of fuel. Pellet wood stoves burn pellets that are made by compressing wood or other biomass into small pellets. Pellets burn cle

Tips From The Newair Wine Cooler Reviews For Shoppers

Going on line to check the reviews is quick and easy. It really only takes a minute or two, and this time is well worth it. New customers can learn about the company, its track record and what the other customers think of their purchase.