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How to Decorate Kids' Rooms in a Dog Theme

Decorate a child's room in a dog theme if you want a gender-neutral room or a room your child will likely enjoy just as much in a few years -- or simply because your child loves dogs. Use a specific breed to focus the room around if your child has a favorite, or use a variety of different breeds for

Types of Window Blinds & Coverings

Window coverings and blinds are an important part of a room's decor. They can control the privacy and amount of natural light allowed in a room. Some types of coverings can also control temperature and noise within the room. With so many types, a combination may be used for a range of control.

Different Blackout Blinds available in the Market

Though there are a wide variety of window treatment options, some are decorative others are cost effective. But with the large list of options available in the market, people often tend to overlook the essential ...

Bohemian Bedding - Bold, Unconventional and Looking Great!

Sleep is the best mode of relaxation. But the importance of sleep isn't confined to the one statement alone. Sleep is a luxury that is very important in influencing the activities of our everyday life. Sleep is also a necessity to stay in good health. But why is the importance of sleep being de

How to Make Funky Teen Bedrooms

For creative, inspiring teen bedroom decor, put the funk in functional. Abandon those catalog- and showroom-perfect designs for something with more kick, color and personality. The process begins by brainstorming with your teenager to make sure the funky bedroom makeover is a collaborative project.

Home Decor Color Trends for 2010

Are you redecorating or remodeling your home? A well decorated home generally appraises higher, an issue to consider in these economic times. So how do you know what colors to select as you redecorate? Follow ...

The Best Colors for the Kitchen

Whether you want your kitchen to be the hub of your home or a relaxing space for you to prepare meals, the colors you select for the space will help you accomplish your decorative goals and create the best kitchen space for you. Direct color contrasts, as well as warm and cool colors, can give the i

Beautiful Living Room Decoration Guide

Living room is perhaps the most important room of the house because it is the place where most family members pass their time, and it is also the place where you interact with your visitors, ...

Mini Blinds: Vinyl or Wood?

Window blinds have come a long way from those inexpensive aluminum blinds that warped, broke, and bent with very little use. You can now find window blinds that are great in function and look great ...

How to Maintain an Aluminum Roof

Aluminum roofing is growing in popularity because of the great benefits of aluminum. Aluminum is a lightweight metal, and, unlike a heavy tile roof, an aluminum roof doesn't need extra reinforcements. Another benefit of aluminum is that it doesn't rust, which is one of the more common ways for a roo

How to Remove Wallpaper Borders

Wallpaper borders can enhance and change the look of a room. When you're ready to redecorate, simply remove an old wallpaper border and replace it with a new one. Take down your wallpaper borders with a combination of supplies from the hardware store and your home. Household ingredients provide for

How to Make a Home Serenity Room

When peace of mind and spirit are of utmost importance to you, you owe it to yourself to create a sanctuary in your home where you can retire to recharge your "batteries." Whether you want to pray, meditate or simply sit in quiet repose, a home serenity room gives you a place to do all thr

Why Should You Get Area Rugs For Your Home?

Building a new home does not end as soon as construction is over. You still have to come up with a good interior design that is suited for your family's wants and needs.

Outer Space Painting Ideas for a Kids Bedroom

A child's room is an opportunity to be a bit wild with the design. Many children are fascinated by the idea of planets and outer space travel. Nurture that curiosity by decorating your child's room with a space theme. Paint is a simple and affordable way to incorporate a planetary motif into the roo

Bridesmaid Crafts

Working on craft projects with your bridesmaids can be a fun bonding experience. A craft night might be an opportunity to introduce your bridesmaids to each other or as an alternative to a traditional bachelorette party. Making crafts can also be an effective way to save money for the do-it-yourself

Popular Bathroom Decors And Accessories

Before you decorate your bathroom, think about some common types of bathroom decor and accessories. There are several themes, or styles of decorating, that have been popular for a long time. You might like them too, as have many generations before you.