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How to Remove the Blades From a Murray Riding Mower

If you own a Murray riding mower, you already know you can mow a large area of yard in a short period of time. But when you start noticing an uneven or ragged look to your lawn, the blades should be replaced. The manufacturer recommends that you do that after every 25 hours or so of use. With the ri

How to Prevent Acorns From Taking Root

Acorns produced by oak trees fall to the ground, take root, sprout and form new oak trees. This is an efficient means of reproduction especially given the potentially large numbers of acorns produced by a single tree. However, when the acorns fall in a landscape or yard the resulting trees have the

Grass Care Information

The basics of lawn and grass care -- from deciding which kind to sow to knowing how to maintain it -- are important to achieving a nice lawn with curb appeal.

Add Outdoor Fountains to Your Springtime Shopping List

As the temperatures finally begin to warm up and days gradually become longer, most people find themselves sitting down to write a list of what they need to buy to make their outdoor living space spectacular. Chances are good that if you have spring fever like many others, you have started your list

How to Organize With Index Cards

Index cards are two-sided cards made of card stock. One side of the card is lined, like notebook paper, and the other side is blank. Many students use index cards as a study aid, but they can serve several purposes when used in different ways. They can help organize your home, office and daily life.

Effective Points About Lawn Mowing Service Providers!

These days, lawn mowing companies have spread up all around the world and can be seen in each corner of the world. People are taking advantage of hiring these lawn mowing service providers to their ...

Concrete Pavers Install Instructions

Concrete pavers are used in walkways and driveways because they are long-lasting and durable, forming a surface that can withstand heavy everyday use. Minimum maintenance is required for their upkeep. They are also fairly quick to install, requiring a shallow foundation covered in a bed of compacted

Quality Arched Garden Redwood Bridges For the Garden Enthusiast

Along with trees, plants and landscaped lawns many gardens and backyards now boast their own pond. Once people have a pond then the next thing they feel is missing is a garden bridge but it can't be just any old bridge. Custom built bridges are the latest thing for beautiful, up market gardens.

How to Remove a Tree Stump Using Milk

If pulling up stubborn tree stumps or chopping them to bits is a chore you'd rather not deal with, try milk instead. Powdered milk can help encourage the growth of fungi and attract wildlife like snails and insects, all of which accelerate the rotting process. Using the natural cycle of decay to bea

How to Kill St. Augustine Grass

St. Augustine grass, or Stenotaphrum secundatum, is native to the tropical regions of North and South America. In recent years, it has become one of the standard species for lawns all across the continental United States, South America, Hawaii and South Africa. While most people find this type of gr

Problems Caused by a High PH Level in a Pool

High pH levels in pools can cause several problems.Swimming pool and pool house image by Jim Mills from Fotolia.comTesting pool water for pH levels is a method of measuring hydrogen ion concentration. This process provides a relative acidity or basicity on a scale of 0 to 14. The closer...

The Best Way to Affix Caps to the Top of Deck Posts

The new railing on your deck looks great, but those post caps just won't stay on. Careless hands will knock the caps to the ground, and some strong winds will send them flying. No matter what type of deck you have--vinyl, wood, composite--it's important that all pieces are securely fastened in place

Greenhouse Accessories You Need To Know

A greenhouse is not just an ordinary building or structure for it is referred to as an operating system with lives inside. In order to make your greenhouse really productive and functional than ever, you need to know some of the important greenhouse accessories you ac add inside so you won't be

Composting and Decomposition

Using compost to amend soil will produce healthy and long-lived plants. Organic materials that decompose make compost. You can do this process at home or you can purchase compost from gardening stores.

Guide to Extinguishing a Firepit

Fire pits let your family enjoy favorite campfire activities without leaving home. Lounging around a fire pit is a platform for conversation and can break the chill of crisp autumn nights. Fires are contained within a ring of stone to prevent fire from spreading, but it only takes one airborne spark

Kentucky Bluegrass Seed Classifications

Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis) is the most widely used grass variety for both lawns and pastures for livestock as cited by Thomas Ogren in "What The Experts May Not Tell You About Growing The Perfect Lawn" (2005). The grass is a native of Europe and Asia and is most well adapted in...

Outdoor Patio Shades - UV Protection While Enjoying the Sun

Having a good patio cover is important whether it's rainy or summer time. But there are some people who would settle with outdoor patio shades for sun protection. Many people find this a comfortable and relaxing way to protect themselves from its harmful UV rays.

How to Brick a Patio With No Weeds & No Concrete

A brick patio creates an inviting space for entertaining friends and family, and lends a sophisticated look to your outdoor space. Build a weed-free patio without concrete. The loose-laid approach significantly reduces the time needed to complete your patio. Most homeowners can build a medium-size p