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Perennial Flowers for Sunny Areas

A perennial plant is any plant that lives for more than two years. The term perennial is used to distinguish a plant from shorter-lived biennials that live for two years, or annuals which only live for one season. Perennials live from year to year by vegetative reproduction rather than reseeding. In

The Causes of Yellow Leaves on Geraniums

A range of issues can cause your geraniums to suffer from yellow leaves.Anna Yu/Photodisc/Getty ImagesYellow leaves on any plant can be caused by a variety of issues but the predominant ones revolve around water and fertilizer. Too much water, too little water or not the right amount of...

Pecan Tree Diseases With Bark Peeling Off

Insect infestation, rather than disease, is most likely to cause bark damage or peeling of the bark on a pecan tree. Several species of pests are known to bore into the wood of the pecan, causing injury that can potentially be fatal. They mostly attack pecans that are already distressed.

What Is Eating My Hibiscus?

The genus of hibiscus includes a wide range of flowering plants with variations in the characteristics of flowers, leaves and pests that love to eat them. The Chinese hibiscus, Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L., is a plant that springs from the tropics and thrives only in warm locales. It can grow in northe

Shade Trees in Texas

Live oaks are large trees with sprawling branches that provide plenty of shade and are long-lived.oak image by lemure66 from Fotolia.comSummers in Texas are hot and dry and shade is a must. Choose trees that grow well in a variety of soils but also tolerate drought. Drought-tolerant trees...

Why Are My Junipers Turning Brown?

Junipers, also known as cedars, are attractive, evergreen plants common in the United States. When foliage begins to turn brown, there could be several culprits. The junipers could be suffering from fungal disease, salt damage or pest invasion. It is best to carefully observe and record the symptoms

How Deep Should I Make Vegetable Planter Boxes?

Vegetable gardens are rewarding and productive but can take up a lot of space. Many gardeners can't offer enough outdoor space or can't offer space with the right amount of drainage. Vegetable planter boxes, pots and containers offer good alternatives for smaller-scale vegetable gardens.

How to Grow Hog Plum

The flat-woods plum (Prunus umbellata), also called hog plum due to the affinity that wild hogs possess for its fruit, is a deciduous, small tree or large shrub native to the Deep South. Hog plum grows to 20 feet, with a 20-foot canopy spread. Although it may look a bit “ragged” during t

Information on Bamboo Plants

A staple of Asian-themed gardens, bamboo has a wealth of uses. Bamboo is one of the most utilized plants in the world---it's tough, resilient and fast-growing. Bamboo culms are used in flooring, housing, furniture and basketry, as well as in making surfboards, kayaks, fishing traps and poles, flute

How to Transplant a Burning Bush to Another Residence

Growing a burning bush (Euonymus) in a sunny landscape provides distinctive color throughout the growing season, especially as the leaves turn a blazing red in the autumn. Whether you grow burning bushes as specimen plants or as hedges, they can fill a bare growing area with distinctive flair. As lo

Tiny Green Bugs Are Killing My Plants

Whether you grow plants to decorate your indoor and outdoor spaces or to provide garden-fresh food for your table, keeping them healthy and pest-free is challenging. Tiny, plant-eating insects called aphids pose a particular problem for gardeners, farmers and commercial growers. Aphids range in colo

All Natural Home Remedy for for Bugs on Tomato Plants

Tomatoes are the top choice of home vegetable gardeners, according to the University of Illinois. Nutritious, delicious and versatile, they can be grown in containers or in the ground and used in a number of ways. Unfortunately, they can also be plagued by insect pests. Many home gardeners are disma

How to Care for a Mexican Sage Bush

Mexican sage is a native plant of Mexico and Central America. Also known as velvet sage and its botanical name, Salvia leucantha, its grey-green leaves add soft texture to gardens located in USDA hardiness zones 7 to 11. Tend to the water needs of a Mexican sage bush when it's young to establish it

Farm Irrigation Methods

Irrigation is a common practice in the agricultural industry.irrigation image by philippev from Fotolia.comIrrigation is a necessary tool in agriculture and has been evolving for centuries. With irrigation being responsible for using the most water in the United States it is important...

Safe Weed Control for St. Augustine Grass

St. Augustine grass competes well against most weeds -- making it a popular choice for lawns in Florida and other warm weather states. Like all lawns, however, St. Augustine grass still has its weed problems. Goosegrass, broadleaf weeds and moss all appear under the right conditions. Safe weed contr

How to Fertilize a Fuchsia

Fuchsias are hungry plants that require regular feedings in order to stay healthy. With proper care and a regular feeding schedule, your fuchsia will bloom profusely, providing colorful flowers until the first frost in autumn. Fertilizing your fuchsia will vary slightly depending on the variety and

How to Grow Long Carrots

Carrots are root crops that need downward rather than outward or upward space and do best with cool-season starts. They require loose, rich soil and good moisture content for growing and may become coarse and bitter in hot, dry weather. Although baby carrots are tender, sweet and juicy and are widel

What are These Mosquito-Like Bugs in the Grass?

Grass can be home to several species of insects. From the tall grasses of meadows to the manicured lawns of urban neighborhoods, conditions are ideal for feeding, protecting and breeding insects. Mosquitoes, and other insects that resemble mosquitoes, can be found in grass, particularly if the gra

Ornamental Plum Tree Problems

White blossoms precede leaves on ornamental plum trees.plum blossoms image by Soja Andrzej from Fotolia.comThe ornamental purple-leaf plum (Prunus cerasifera) announces spring with clouds of translucent pink-tipped white blooms and produces small fruits for wildlife. It suckers freely,...

How to Prune Holly Hedges

Holly bushes are well-known for their dangling berries and lush, dark green foliage. The bush reaches its peak of popularity in the winter, when many people choose to use the bush for decoration during Christmas. Caring for a holly requires proper sunlight and water distribution; both determined by