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Example of a Certificate of Deposit

If you're looking into smart, low-risk ways to make your money grow, you've probably already thought about choosing a certificate of deposit (CD). This option is popular because it can offer a high interest rate ...

Pilot License in Georgia Requirements

Possessing a pilot's license allows you to fly aircraft, carrying passengers and property if you wish. The Federal Aviation Administration governs pilot licensing in Georgia, as well as throughout the United States. Four primary levels of FAA pilot licenses exist---private, instrument, commercial an

The Best Ways to Save for Retirement

With the future of Social Security iffy (as of September 2009), it is especially important for young people to save early for retirement. This can be difficult in this materialistic society that promotes instant gratification.

Grants for Career-Tech Teachers

Career-tech, also called VoTech or occupational education, teachers are often seasoned professionals in careers other than education. Their real-word success doesn't always prepare VoTech teachers for the challenges of the classroom. Many seek to enhance their educations or undertake a research proj

How to Get Credit & Establish an Entrepreneurial Business

To start up a business, you sometimes need to establish business credit first. You may need credit cards and loans. You may also have to establish credit arrangements with suppliers as well. After you finally have the business credit and funding you need, then begins the sometimes long and complicat

Florida Realtors License Information

Real estate transactions are complicated and heavily dependent upon state laws, and anyone acting as a real estate agent must be licensed as such in the state(s) in which they work. Florida requires that real estate agents and brokers be licensed before they can work in the state, though different r

Can You Withdraw 401(k) Money for College?

If you have to pay for your own college tuition or a child's tuition, the financial expense can be quite large. One of the ways that people often try to pay for college tuition is to borrow money from a 401k. You can take money from your 401k for this expense in a few different ways, but it could se

Must All Credit Cards Be Turned in for a Bankruptcy?

You must report all your debts when filing for bankruptcy, including credit card debt. If you purposely omit a debt, the bankruptcy court may dismiss your petition or charge you with bankruptcy fraud. In addition, you usually cannot discharge debts that you fail to list on your bankruptcy petition,

Non Insurance Solutions to Healthcare

No health insurance? Don't worry. People have been treating themselves without it for years by tapping into everyday solutions that don't require a special ID card or a doctor. These solutions have proven histories for helping people with no insurance get health care, and they can help you too.

How to Repair Your Bad Credit File

Checking your credit score may reveal a low rating, and having a low rating makes it increasingly difficult to get approved for a mortgage or vehicle loan. Bad credit often results from poor budgeting and money habits. However, changing your spending habits and learning the ins and outs of credit sc

How to Buy Products at Wholesale & in Bulk Amounts

Retailers make money because they can purchase large amounts of product at wholesale and then mark up the price for the consumer. But retailers aren't the only buyers who can purchase products at wholesale prices and in bulk amounts because many companies do not require a retail license to sell prod

AMEX: Cuts to Credit Limits

The recession of 2008 and 2009 brought with it a soaring rate of defaults on mortgages, consumer loans and credit-card debt. The response from many credit-card issuers was to reduce the credit they made available to their cardholders. Following that trend was American Express, a card issuer based in

Tax Benefits of a Roth IRA

Roth IRAs offer important tax forms image by Chad McDermott from Fotolia.comCongress passed the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 and with it introduced Roth IRAs as an alternative to traditional IRAs for individuals wishing to save money for their retirement. Roth IRAs offer...

How to Write a Letter to Remove Items From a Credit Report

You may request that items be removed from your credit report if they were reported in error. You also may be able to have information removed if the reporting creditor or collection agency cannot prove that the information is factual and belongs to you. Negative information on your credit reports d

Does a Bank Have to Accept a Veterans Affairs Mortgage?

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) approves mortgage lenders who offer these loans to eligible veterans. VA does not usually lend directly to veterans, it only insures eligible lenders against losses who lend to veterans. This program does not provide carte blanche approval for a mortgage

How to Calculate Total Liabilities & Owner's Equity

When organizing a balance sheet, a company has assets, liabilities and owner's equity. The company's assets represent the property the company owns while the liabilities represent money the company owes. The difference between the company's assets and liabilities equals the owner's equity. Knowing t

How Long Before Rolling Over Retirement Funds Into an IRA?

Retirement fund rollovers are performed by directly transferring the funds in a qualified retirement plan to another qualified plan or Individual Retirement Arrangement (IRA). Since the plan participant does not withdraw any part of the funds, this process is referred to as a direct rollover. To per

How to Receive a Western Union

Since its beginnings as a telegram business, the Western Union Company has transformed into a worldwide electronic money transfer service. Using Western Union services, money can be sent from an individual to another individual, from an individual to a business, or from one business to another busin

How can you get rich over night?

The latest and the most popular form of investment sweeping the internet are the selling and buying dinars. The buying dinar is a good investment keeping in mind the condition of the country Iraq and ...

How to Transfer a Simple IRA to a Roth IRA

A SIMPLE IRA and a Roth IRA are two types of retirement plans that are given special tax breaks by the Internal Revenue Service. A SIMPLE IRA allows you to make contributions with pretax dollars, meaning you do not have to include the amount you contribute in your taxable income. However, you do hav