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The Bichon Yorkie - A Great Friend

People swear by the companionship that is present with a terrier. The perky movement of a young puppy and the carefree attitude that they seem to have, is something that many other puppies can't really match. There have been a lot of great breeds to come across the world of breeding, and one of

Other Reasons My Dog May Be Aggressive

If you are reading this article it's pretty clear that your dog is displaying emotions or actions that you regard as aggressive in some way, shape or form. Perhaps your dog has never been noticeably aggressive but has started to snarl or growl or alternatively maybe your dog tends to snap or ba

What Can I Give My Dog to Stop Seizures?

Seizure disorders in dogs make up a large number of referrals to veterinary neurologists. According to R.M. Clemmons, D.V.M., Ph.D., seizure disorders strike about 1 percent of the dog population. They are much more common in purebred dogs, for which the number of dogs affected can be as high as 15

Ten Dog Training Tips

Ten tips to help you train your dog. The most important one is to enjoy it.

Easy Ways to Housebreak a Dachshund

Animated and friendly, the Dachshund makes a great family pet. However, this notoriously stubborn breed often proves difficult to train. House training a Dachshund to eliminate outdoors can be overwhelmingly challenging, as the breed often act as if they know what's best for them. Persistent trainin

Great Dog Breeds For Urbanites

So you love the city, from the easy availability of pizza at 2 am to the fantastic entertainment and access to shopping. But sometimes it can be hard to be a dog lover in the city, where living space is often cramped and exercise isn't as easy as going to the backyard. But don't fret, you

Breed Standards for the Boxer

The boxer is a sturdy, athletic dog used historically as a fighter, courier and now a seeing-eye dog. Today, the American Kennel Club regards the boxer as one of the most popular and personable breeds in the United States. People who breed and show boxers must maintain bloodlines that...

Miniature and Toy Dog Breeds - Your Ultimate Guide

More and more people are starting to prefer adopting miniature and toy dog breeds. Why? Mostly because they are both cheaper and easier to maintain. For one, they do not require the same amount of food needed by a bigger breed. Plus, you do not have buy shampoo as often as you would if you have a La

Information on Sarcoptic Mange on a Dog's Back

Sarcoptic mange, or canine scabies, is a skin disease caused by the Sarcoptes scabiei. These parasites can infect other animals such as foxes, cats, ferrets and even humans, but prefer to live on dogs. The disease can be passed on with or without direct contact with an infected dog. However, mange i

Dog Information - Why a Dog Can Be Your Best Friend

Remember the age old saying "a dog is a man's best friend" this actually is true and many dog owners will agree. There are many other animals that make great pets, but none quite as loyal as a well trained family dog.

Potty Training for Great Dane Puppies

Train your great Dane puppy as you would any other dog, with kindness and consistency. Potty training your great Dane puppy calls for confinement, patience, understanding and vigilance. The most effective training uses the dog's natural instincts to encourage good behavior. To do this you must lear

The Best and Most Effective Approach to Training Your Dog

Because the relationship between a dog and its owner is so important, the best person to train your dog is you. But first you need to understand how to communicate with them. As we all know we speak human and they speak dog.

What Are the Treatments for Ear Mites?

Ear mites are microscopic insects that feed on the waxy buildup inside an animal's ears, causing intense itching and head shaking. The ears become irritated and begin to secrete fluids that combine with the wax and create a crusty, black substance. The ear canal becomes blocked, airflow is reduced a

How to Care for an Adult Teacup Poodle

Though the American Kennel Club standard for toy poodles is approximately 10 inches in height at the shoulder, breeders are increasingly breeding toy poodles to be even smaller in size. These mini toy poodles are known as teacup poodles. Teacup poodles are intelligent and social dogs that love to be

How to Condition Dogs for Dog Shows

Every weekend American Kennel Club dog shows take place across the nation, showcasing the breeds recognized by the AKC. The dogs competing are the best representations of each breed. Those that win or place at a dog show earn points toward a championship, which signifies that the dog is an ideal sp

The Best Way to Get Rid of Dog Hair on Clothes

Owning a dog can bring you a great deal of pleasure. Dogs are playful, protective and will be your best friend. But one drawback of having a dog is finding its hair all over the furniture and, worse yet, your clothes. That is why dog owners are always searching for the best way to get rid of dog hai

5 Tips For Walking an Overexcited Dog

Dogs have a lot of energy. Some of them even get overexcited. Learn how to behave to such a pet. Here are 5 tips for training and walking an overexcited dog.

How to Teach a Dog to Put Away Toys

Seeing a dog put away his toys is a fun trick to watch. While it may take some time to master this multi-phase training, the rewards are worth it.