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How To Stylishly Display The Photos In Your Home

All too often, photos end up stashed in shoe boxes in the backs of closets. If you want to display your photos in your home, there are many options for framing and highlighting the pictures.

Canon EOS Rebel T2i Camera Review

The Canon EOS Rebel T2i is one of the more popular digital cameras currently avialable from Canon and it's easy to see why with the full feature set this small and compact digital camera offers. ...

Beginner Photography Tips

When starting out in the amazing world of photography, it can be daunting. There are so many perfect looking shots and all of your shots look far less than these. However, with some easy to follow tips and techniques you can easily start taking great shots, if not better, than those perfect shots. T

Research Before You Buy Digital Camera Buying Tips

Whether you are new to the world of photography, or simply needing to update your machine to work efficiently, there are many models of digital cameras that you could select. Of course, there is the ...

Digital Photography, the Start!

"It will be decades before Digital Photography reaches the quality needed to replace film." Oh yeah? Only a few years after that prediction was made, digital photographic technology had reached a quality, resolution and affordability sufficient to make film all but extinct.

How To Find A Great Photographer

Many years as a jobbing photographer have trained me to be skilful at sifting out reliable professional photographers from the rest of the group. Here's my personal process on selecting the best photographer for you.

How Is Scale Different for Film & Digital Cameras?

Sensors vs FilmDigital camera sensors are smaller than film in all cases, except for full frame digital single lens reflex (digital SLR or DSLR) cameras, which are equivalent to 35mm. When taking the same photograph on 35mm film and a common digital camera, the digital camera will have...

How to Decorate a Wooden Military Foot Locker

Decorate a wooden military foot locker so that it reflects the passion, drive and honor of the men and women who so unselfishly serve the country. Personalize it to showcase an individual's pride and accomplishments to give as a gift for a family member or friend. This project is easy enough for any

Landscape Photography - When It's Time to Shoot in Black and White

If you are like me and you like to spend a whole day shooting then why not maximize your day by shooting for black and white when color shots are not appropriate? What follows are a few tips that should help you get out there and shoot black and white.

How to Photograph Water Lilies

Water lilies are delicate yet resilient flowers that capture the true beauty that nature has created. Photographing a water lily can be tricky because it sits in a body of water. Capturing such an object that is appealing to the eye requires you to experiment with natural lighting and photo composit

Camera Filters For DSLR Cameras

When it comes to digital photography, most of the traditional effects once achieved with filters on film cameras can now be done with photo editing software. However, there are still some unique effects that are best attained using camera filters fitted over your camera lenses. Here is a quick rundo

How to Take Action Photos With a 35mm Camera

Action photos are an exciting and challenging aspect of the art of photography. Using a 35mm camera is a true test to your patience and skills and an abundance of these cameras are available for sale as people make the transition to digital photography. This tutorial will require a camera with inter

How to Take Your Photos from Snapshot to Art

Anyone can take a photo, but only those who truly invest themselves in the shot will produce pictures that wow everyone. With a bit of practice and the right information, you can finally take the ...

How to Create Small Calendars

Many artists choose to publish a calendar for the upcoming new year, partly as advertising and partly as a gift to friends and associates. With the development of computer software graphics, along with reliable desktop printing, this goal is within affordable reach of all sorts of enterprising desi