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Reclaim Your Power Through Forgiveness

A simple way to take personal responsibility for your life and live it from a field of all possibilities, a look at empowering yourself through the concept of forgiveness.

The School Of Prayer

We all want answers to our prayers. Sometimes, we question whether or not our prayers are reaching God. The best way to learn the art of prayer is to learn from the best teacher, Jesus Christ!

Time to Gear Up and #58; Make 2011 Your Year

Hard to believe we're almost at year's end, because it may only just feel like yesterday when you sat down and pledged to land a new job, launch a new business, or achieve some other ...

Relationships Dictate the Intensity of Grief

Life and loss go hand in hand. We all have many losses in our lives. Grieving is the process of healing the emotional component of these losses. Feelings of loss are very personal and you ...

Developing Intuition

Almost everyone has heard about tales where people were scheduled to travel on a certain airplane or ship and changed their mind at the last moment because they felt funny about it. This happened to people who were scheduled for the Titanic.

If It's Not Working - STOP!

So often we find ourselves continuing to do something that we know we shouldn't be doing. Something that is not working for us and limiting our success. Put a stake in the ground today and determine to stop doing those things that aren't working for you.

Your Hidden Powers of Development.

Though we all know what the word contentment means, it would be very difficult to find the notion expressed in real life. As humans, we continually strive for change, to be better or more knowledgeable ...

Do You Want to Be Successful? Here's How:

With all the actors, baseball and television sensations out there these days it looks like you don't have to be super intelligent to get far in society. It would be strange for you to come ...

Psychic Elizabeth Asks - Do You Say You Cant See The Future?

Do you ever say that you can’t see the future? Do you feel like you are just kind of being pushed around by the universe? Do you feel like you have no real say over what happens to you on a day-to-day basis? Today’s article uses a quote from George Washington Carver to teach us about our

Psalm 149 - Praise for Israel's Redemptive God

"Come: praise the LORD!" shrieks the psalmist in bellowed eulogy. Psalm 149 is a praise hymn of celebration, for the "faithful" know the faithfulness of their God. They sing in faith for quick mind of a history that testifies to such faith.

Elements of Change

The key to achieving more than you currently are, no matter which area of your life or work you are focusing in on now, is change.

Let Go and Soar!

Would you like to soar as an eagle, held up high by no effort of your own, feeling loved, guided, held tightly and flooded with peace? Come and join me up here. It's wonderful to let go and let God!

Mind Development - Mental Exercises

Mental development is one of the most important aspects of our life which needs to be considered. Our brain controls most of our activities. Here are some simple mental gymnastics to improve our mind or mental development.

Personal Mission Statement to Achieve Your Goals

Just like mission statements used by businesses to guide and define the purpose of their existence and identify core values and beliefs, your personal mission statement represents your values, dreams, and purpose. It gets you to think concretely about what you want to achieve in your lifetime. A per

Classes Within The Class

This article is about the three type of people we encounter in the society and their behavior patterns. It also help the reader to find the answer to, 'which category should he/she join?'