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Are Put Options Safer Than Shorting Stock?

This article will show you how to use put options for speculation.It will help you to decide for yourself if buying a put option really is better than shorting stock.

How to Create a Successful Bowl-A-Thon Fundraiser

This fundraising idea can be a surprisingly large fundraising event. The Domestic Violence organization of New Haven, CT uses this as their premier annual event, and earned $91,000 last year.

Reverse Common Stock Split

As an investor, one of your biggest fears is the loss of your investment. A reverse common stock split is often accompanied by bad news, doom-and-gloom predictions, and a dropping stock price. Reverse splits often indicate the end of the road for the current manifestation of a company, but they don'

How to Do Virtual Stock Trading

If you are weary of jumping right into the stock market or if you want to hone your skills by running different stock strategies, virtual stock trading can help take your investment strategy to the next level. Plus, you'll be able to gain valuable experience without losing money. Follow these simple

Tips On High School Fund Raising

There are numerous high school fund raising ideas and it may be hard to select which event to choose from, but one favorite is a bingo night for the entire family. You can choose to...

Leaps Covered Calls - An Appealing Alternative

Leaps covered calls are a great, low risk cheaper alternative to the traditional covered call. The options cost much less than the shares themselves which leaves you more available capital for other investments and better potential return on risk.

Frog In The Pot

Why most investors are not much smarter than frogs - and the consequences.

What Is the Total Expense Ratio?

The total expense ratio, or TER, is a ratio that determines the percentage of costs associated with the operation and management of an investment fund relative to its assets. It is of specific importance to investors and potential investors who want to know how much it takes to run the fund and how

Investing Online - Genius Funds Emerging Market Growth Fund

Financial Globalization is rapidly expanding, providing a wide range of investment opportunities. Emerging economies of Eastern Europe and East Asia provide lucrative investment opportunities and attract the resources of investors world-wide. The Emerging Markets Growth Fund from Genius Funds is one

Ways to Avoid Insider Trading

Insider trading is the act of using information not available to the public to gain an advantage in stock market transactions. Insider trading is a breach of federal law in the United States that has landed numerous wealthy stock traders in prison. Since this offense can effectively destroy someone'

What is the Best Computer Setup When Trading Contracts For Difference (CFDs)?

Don't waste money on unnecessary computers parts when a basic PC setup is all you need to trade CFDs successfully. Many active CFD traders use the absolute basics when it comes to building their desktop or laptop computer. Discover what are the essential elements to an effective computer setup

Make Money In Stock Market With Penny Stocks

Penny stocks have huge potential! We all know that penny stocks are much riskier than blue chips or mutual funds, but if one can hit the right company, then nothing can beat the returns. Some have even traded from about 50 cents to an unimaginable 25 dollars in a very short time span. The biggest ad

How to Buy Sony Stock

Sony Corporation is a global company headquartered in Tokyo. It produces both consumer and industrial electronics, including computers, televisions, semi conductors, mobile phones, CDs, DVDs and a host of other electronic items. The company has a market cap of about 22 billion.

How to Calculate Real Rates of Return

Many investors measure the success or failure of investments by the rate of return that the investment yields. The nominal rate of return measures the return without taking into account inflation. However, rates of return can be influenced by inflationary pressures, so some people prefer to measure

The Amortization of Bond Premiums

In economics and finance, amortization refers to the allocation of a total current transaction value to another related account in a series of subdivided amounts over a number of periods. A common amortization example would be the allocation of the total value of a long-term asset to the expense acc

How to Calculate the Dow

The Dow Jones Industrial Average, or the DJIA, or simply the Dow, is the most talked about and discussed financial index in the world. Created in 1896, and originally only the average of 11 components, the Dow today is composed of 30 components or publicly traded companies. To compute the "average"

What Is a Convertible Bond?

Deciding how to invest your money is always a challenge. When the economy is experiencing a downturn, finding a relatively safe way to invest your money may seem impossible. There are, however, certain types of investments that you can turn to during difficult economic times. Convertible bonds can o