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How to Upload and Copy from Your iPhone to Facebook

The official Facebook app for the iPhone makes it possible for users to connect and update their Facebook profiles on the go. Much of the site's functionality is preserved in the Facebook app (except, for example, group chat), and you can easily share links and other content directly from your iPhon

How to Install the Google Earth BIN File

A ".bin" file is a universal binary file that is not associated with a particular program. It can contain a number of different types of data, including but not limited to sound or media and CD images. All types of applications and programs use ".bin" files. For example, users of Linux or other oper

The Best Free High Res Paper Textures

High resolution paper textures can reinforce your marketing message or integrate your content's visual appeal. The amount of image downloads available can be overwhelming. Look for downloads sized to fit your project, detailed enough to register clearly and licensed for free download. Make sure your

How to Recover Closed Tabs in Mozilla

Mozilla Firefox shows open Web pages as tabs at the top of a window. You can open a tab you’ve closed or an entire group of tabs from your last Firefox session, whether Firefox crashed or not, using Firefox’s menu options. Firefox stores a list of tabs you’ve recently closed in add

How to Improve Internet Speed in Ubuntu 8.10

Improving the default Internet connection speed for your Linux-based Ubuntu 8.10 system allows you to surf the web with greater confidence, knowing that you will reach your target destinations in record time compared with the default Internet settings for your operating system. Accomplish this by ed

How to Unregister Sage Peachtree Pro

Sage Peachtree Pro is a small business bookkeeping software that was designed to assist with accounting, inventory management, analytics, payroll and reporting. Installed using an Internet download or mail-order disks, the software must be registered to be fully utilized. Once this registration has